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Updating Your Properties for the Winter

Without making the proper adjustments, the cold winter weather can lead to damages in your properties. In the anticipation of the upcoming winter and snow, we recommend taking the following safety precautions:

Interior Adjustments

  • Check the batteries in all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors at least once every month. If any detectors do not work after replacing the batteries, replace the detectors.
  • If the heat inside your properties is not working, notify tenants that they should not turn on the stove for heat while they wait for your repair services to arrive due to potential dangers with carbon monoxide.
  • Change the furnace filter every month. A dirty filter chokes off the furnace and restricts air flow, resulting in the furnace not working.
  • Encourage tenants to keep their furnace at or above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Failure to do so may result in frozen pipes, which could burst and flood your residence.
  • Tell tenants to keep kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinet doors open on cold days so that air can circulate around frozen pipes.
  • Notify tenants to allow their faucets to drip slowly on cold days. This will keep the water flowing through the pipes and prevent it from freezing.

Exterior Adjustments

  • Disconnect any garden hoses. A connected hose in freezing weather may result in cracked water pipes and flooding.
  • When there is a snowfall of 2 inches or more, tell tenants to move their vehicles out of the driveways to allow snow blowers to clear the drives. Snow blowers cannot plow the driveways if there is a vehicle in any of the spaces. Vehicles must be parked 3 feet from the garage door to allow for shoveling in front of cars.
  • Use Ice Melt sparingly and only on icy pavement. Ice melt is only intended to be used on ice rather than on snow.
  • Remove door mats for the winter or they will act as an obstacle for snow removal on sidewalks.
  • Make sure there is nothing stored underneath the stairs or on the landings of building except for salt buckets.
  • Remove all patio furniture from the balconies, patios and decks for the winter. Grills must be covered if left in these areas.
  • Keep the area outside your properties well lit by making sure that outside garage lights are properly installed at the overhead door. Inform tenants that they should keep the garage lights turned on.


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